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Sports Massage 

in Poole, Dorset

Healing Hands

Wellness by Nature provides mobile and in-clinic Sports massage in Poole, alongside Remedial, Deep Tissue, Relaxation/Swedish & special Pregnancy massages. By offering mobile services as well you can choose if you wish to relax in the comfort and privacy of your own home, whilst minimising any time pressures and the need to travel! Alternatively if you would prefer to visit a treatment room, I do have one available for massages in Poole :)

Sports massages offer a number of benefits to both active individuals and seasoned professionals, including  soothing sore muscles, increasing circulation, loosening muscle spasms, reducing local inflammation, stimulating muscle recovery and facilitating muscle relaxation. Other reported benefits of sports massage include increased flexibility and range of motion, improved grip strength and increased athletic agility.


Sports massage can also help with the psychological aspects of exercise and competition by reducing anxiety, boosting mood and increasing the perception of recovery.

Read more about the numerous benefits of sports massage here on my blog post, including my 11 tips for optimising your sports massage!

As a registered Remedial Massage Therapist, I am trained in a variety of massage techniques to help you heal both mentally and physically,  Massage therapy as a whole offers a host of physical, psychological and emotional benefits, which I would encourage you to read more about here.

Massage appointments can be booked on an individual basis or bought as a package.

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