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Laura Thompson Massage Therapist Naturopath Nutritionist

About Me

Laura Thompson




"As a Naturopath based in Poole, Dorset, I am able to offer an integrative approach to healing by drawing from both western and alternative therapies, while providing a safe and nurturing environment in which to heal. 
I love empowering individuals to truly understand their bodies and to discover their own innate healing abilities."

My passion for natural health began at an early age as I recognised the importance of feeling healthy and energised, particularly with all my numerous sporting pursuits! However it was during my work in the corporate world when I really began to appreciate how essential healthy living is, gaining both first-hand and second-hand experience of how sub-optimal dietary and lifestyle choices can directly lead to poor health.

Along with my own declining health, particularly my gut health, I was surrounded by individuals experiencing reduced energy levels, digestive disturbances, weight gain and low moods. These experiences fuelled my desire to learn more about how we can regain true health and well-being without having to resort to invasive and damaging medications. It was during my time living in Australia when I was compelled to take the leap and swap my corporate lifestyle for a new journey into natural health. Returning to full-time student life, I completed a four year Bachelor’s degree in Naturopathic Medicine along with a one year Diploma in Remedial Massage Therapy, and I haven’t looked back! :)

I am extremely passionate about natural health and feel deeply connected with the underlying principles of finding and addressing the root cause of illness, and helping the body to heal itself with the support of good nutrition, herbal medicine, massage therapy and lifestyle strategies. As a practitioner using this holistic approach to health, I seek to understand all aspects of your health status so that I can provide a targeted treatment protocol to address your specific needs.

Since many of my clients are either working professionals or busy Mums, I fully recognise how time-poor most people are and therefore aim to make positive changes, capturing the essence of holistic and natural healthcare, which fit in with busy modern lives. By offering achievable and practical ways to improve your health, I believe that the outcomes will be more sustainable and rewarding.

My treatment protocols are consciously designed with real life in mind, so I will share with you simple tips and tricks as well as my own healthy living strategies to enable you to optimise your health and well-being whilst continuing with your everyday lives. I will also share with you my favourite medicinal recipes to incorporate the food as medicine principles.

I also really value the importance of keeping up to date with new scientific developments in the health industry, with particular interests in autoimmunity and gut health, so I will share my new findings with you.

Massage Therapist

Massage therapy is another passion of mine as I believe that it can have profoundly positive effects on both the physical body and the mind. I've always been a huge advocate for regular massages, ensuring that I have at least one a month, to ensure that my body remains strong and injury-free. The benefits of massage therapy are numerous so I would encourage you to read more about this here.

As a qualified and experienced massage therapist, I have a deep understanding of the human body having worked with a diverse range of individuals from elite athletes to corporate workers and pregnant mums over the past few years, With a wide range of massage techniques at my disposal, including Sports, Remedial, Deep Tissue, Swedish, Pregnancy and Chair massage, I am able to fully accommodate your individual needs.

"By offering high levels of individual support and guidance, I truly believe that together we can embrace positive transformation to help guide you on your journey towards optimal health."
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